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              大型儲罐容積檢定是法定計量項目,目前應用廣泛的光學垂準線法需要人工牽引磁性滑車沿罐壁的豎直母線多次往返以測量儲罐徑向偏差,測量過程人工勞動強度大,容易偏離測點,操作不便。開發了一種基于永磁吸附并能附著罐壁行走的徑向偏差測量機器人工程化樣機,能夠很好地解決上述問題。該機器人采用了永磁吸附、履帶式移動的設計理念,由機器人帶動其上的測量裝置標尺在儲罐罐壁爬行,到測試點位置時自動停止,再由地面的光學垂準儀讀取標尺的數據作為該測試點的徑向偏差數據;樣機自重小于10 kg,豎直爬行速度可達6 m/min,往返橫向偏移不超過5 mm/10 m。該成果使測量過程省力便捷,實現自動化測量,提升了儲罐容積檢定的效率。


              The volume verification is the legal metrology project for large-scaled storage tank,now the most widely used method is the optical reference line method.For metering the radial deviation of storage tank,which needs one person pulling the magnetic pulley to walk up and down along the vertical bus of the tank wall more than once,this metrology is characterized by high work intensity and low operability,furthermore,it is easy to deviate from the test point.So an engineering developed prototype of the radial deviation metering robot is introduced,which can excellently resolve all the above problems.The robot uses the design philosophy of permanent magnetic suck and tracked movement,it can carry the ruler using for the measuring tool to move along the storage tank wall,and stops automatically when it reaches the test point,so the ruler data can be read through the optical plumb aligner and used as the radial deviation value of the test point.The weight of prototype is less than 10 kg,and the vertical crawling speed is up to 6 m/min,horizontal offset is not more than 5 mm/10 m. This achievement makes the measurement easy and convenient,and realizes the automated measurement,and improves the efficiency of the volume verification of storage tank.